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Header: PartnerToken
Header: AccountToken
Format: Json

Field Datatype Mandatory / Optional Description
Number string Mandatory The number of the order from external system
PaymentType Enum Cash/Credit Mandatory Wether the order is payed cash or credit
ExternalId string Optional Used if order has ID in external system
BlockingReason string Optional If set, then order cannot be automatically released for delivery
HighPriority Bool True/False Optional Used if articles on this order should be locked to this order
DateCreated Date DD-MM-YYYY Optional Date the order is created in external system
Company string Optional Set if you are running multible companies in PAKMAN, then this field can set to which company the order is related to.
DistributorProduct Enum Optional If set, the value must be equal to value set up in distributor settings on the account
CurrencyCode string Optional If set, the value must be equal to value set up in Currency settings on the account. If not set, then order is by default set in DKK.
Customer Object Mandatory Customer object
Customer/Name string Mandatory Name of the Customer
Customer/Number string Mandatory Customer number
Customer/Street1 string Optional Street name 1 on the customer
Customer/Street2 string Optional Additional address information
Customer/PostalCode string Optional Customers zip or area code
Customer/City string Optional Customer city
Customer/CountryCode string Optional Customer country code
Customer/Phone string Optional Customers phone number
Customer/Email string Optional Customers email
Customer/VAT string Optional Customers vat number if any
DeliveryAddress Object Mandatory Customers delivery address for this order
DeliveryAddress/Name string Mandatory Delivery address name
DeliveryAddress/Street1 string Optional Delivery street information
DeliveryAddress/Street2 string Optional Additional street information
DeliveryAddress/PostalCode string Optional Deliveryaddress postal code
DeliveryAddress/City string Optional Deliveryaddress city
DeliveryAddress/CountryCode Enum Optional Delivery address countryCode code
DeliveryAddress/Phone string Optional Delivery address phone number
DeliveryAddress/Email string Optional Delivery address email
CustomerPONumber string Optional Used if customer has a Purchase order refference to put on the order
CustomerContact string Optional Used if customer has a contact person related to this order
InternalNote string Optional Used if there is something to note internal on this order (Not shown to customer)
ExternalNote string Optional Used if there is something to note external on this order (shown to customer)
DeliveryInstruct string Optional Used if there is an instruction related to the delivery
OrderTotal Decimal Mandatory Monetary total of the order
Tax Decimal Mandatory Monetary tax of the order
LinesTotal Decimal Mandatory Monetary total of line before tax
Lines List of line object Mandatory 1:N Salesorder lines on this order
Lines/CustomerLineRef string Optional Used if customer has a line refference to put on the order line
Lines/SKU string Mandatory Product SKU ordered on this line
Lines/ProductName string Mandatory Product name of the product ordered on this line
Lines/LineTotal Decimal Mandatory Monetary total of line before tax
Lines/QuantityOrdered int Mandatory Quantity ordered on this line
Lines/UnitPrice Decimal Mandatory Monetary unit price of the product
Lines/ExpectedDeliveryDate Date DD-MM-YYYY Optional Date we expect to deliver this product
Lines/Discount Decimal Optional Monetary discount given. This value is to be specified pr. unit and not line total